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A collection of high-quality fine leather handcrafted bags and sandals embellished with loom-woven designs, pearls and swarovski crystals that make each item an original piece of statement. With an eye for the offbeat and the bespoke, each piece showcases patterns conveying myth and ritual from Greek culture and tradition while lending a bohemian-yet-sophisticated accent to everyday ensembles.

Sarakatsana Collection

The Sarakatsani are an ethnic Greek shepherd nomads population who were historically centred on the Pindus mountains and other mountain ranges of the continental Greece.

Our Sarakatsana collection features handcrafted leather sandals smartly detailed with cotton loom-woven designs inspired by the embroidery designs on the Sarakatsani traditional costumes. Each piece is an original piece of statement resembling the geometric art of pre-classical Greece


Lefkothea Collection

Lefkothea (i.e. the White Goddess) was worshiped as the sea goddess of white water and wave froth who helped and guided sailors during storms.

Our Lefkothea collection features handcrafted sandals playfully adorned with fine leather petals and smartly detailed with pearls and swarovski crystals.


Kyklades Collection

The Cyclades, the enchanting island group in the Aegean Sea, which took its name from the nymph which turned into rocks Neptune, according to mythology.
It is said that the islands were named so by the word “cycle” because they form an imaginary circle around Delos, the holy island of Apollo’s birth.

Our Cyclades collection features effortless to wear sandals that will work with virtually every summer outfit in your closet. Wear yours with everything from dresses to denim shorts. 100% Handcrafted in Calf leather they are the perfect companion to relaxed summer days.

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